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About Us

The company has combined its expertise with several associated companies with extensive experience providing turnkey operations globally. This includes the supply of design, consultancy, feasibility studies, project management, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and the provision of local training where required, and it is registered with the UNGM. 


It is positioned to provide several solutions where there are requirements for the supply of affordable housing, with the ability to supply water, sanitation, sewage, solar power lighting, and hot and cold water solutions allowing communities to have the opportunity to live within a safe environment, with the supply road and street lighting solar systems for each community complex.


We are actively looking to work with established partners and companies from the private and public service sectors, including government and non-government organizations and the various Diaspora communities requiring affordable housing.


This can make a real difference in people’s living standards and meet their ever-growing daily requirements for the supply of housing, water, sanitation, and power solutions, for communities to live in affordable housing with the required services provided for them that will enhance their family lives. Therefore, we have proudly signed up for the (One Shared World Declaration Of Interdependence.) We also wholeheartedly support the (WTO) World Toilet Organisation www.worldtoilet.org and especially their national day on the 19th of November.


We are committed to ensuring that we carry out to the best of our ability to help and assist those communities. One of these projects is the Cassava to Flour Production Plants that we are offering, which will allow a circular economy to be realized within communities and make them self-sufficient in providing one of the basic needs, in flour to make bread, cakes, etc. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Nataim UK Ltd has collaborated with several prime companies to enable the advancement of its goals and looks to have a long-term fulfilling and profitable relationship with each and every one of them.

Nataim UK Ltd